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101 East Main St, Wallace, NC 28466

The Food Bank of The Sanctuary Project is located at the "Old" MILLER Building (The corner building with the pale dusty green awning), being 101 East Main st. Wallace.

The Sanctuary Project runs an active food bank and thrift store to help Veterans, Seniors and Others in Duplin County. The food bank no longer has food supplies so service is suspended (temporarily, we hope!).

The service has been discontinued through lack of provisions. Sadly many supermarkets feel it is better to throw dated food into the dumpster than allow hungry families a chance. Nevertheless, many have been generous providers over the years, as you can see from the images listing the food distribution (Click to enlarge!).

In any case, The Sanctuary Project needs more food than was available, so if you know of any possibilities, please let us know, and we will be glad to explore them - call Kip (English or Spanish) as 910-284-9169 - hours 10 - 6 weekdays.

The image at right is the standard "Food Pyramid" for healthy living - You are what you eat! (Click to enlarge)

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At left Food Distribution over seven years (Click to enlarge)

At right, the Distribution in 2018 has not so far happened - Politicians prefer to spend money on other than hungry families. Somehow children and old folks never seem to be a priority, as in other civilized  countries

When the image appears, use Ctrl-+ (Control-Plus) and Ctrl-- (Control-minus) to enlarge and shrink. (By the way, these commands work to enlarge or shrink ANY web page - Didja know that?).
Here we would be showing this year's food distribution, but there's nothing to show so far.
 Perhaps we'll get lucky with a grant.

This link shows the Fed is telling everyone to become vegetarian - high time, too, if you pay attention to the real dietary story here T Colin Campbell and his daughter LeAnne Campbell have enormous experience and practical knowledge. Their books are well worth reading. Believe it or not, your longevity and well-being are connected to your diet!
T Colin Campbell has made the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition ever conducted, and most of the results have been ignored by commercial food producers for 25 years. These ARE worth reading! You can read his story here.

A composite image of the happy packing crew nearing Xmas in 2010 (Click to enlarge)

Yes, and everyone needs a thrift store and thrift shop these days!
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