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Some letters of approval and thanks -

Letter from the Daniels family - (Click to enlarge)
Article from local newspaper (Click to enlarge)

Letter of support form Lt Gov Dalton (In office 2003 thru2013 )
Sep 11, 2010 - To Whom It May Concern

Not only would I like to, but it is also my duty, to testify concerning the many and various ways The Sanctuary Project, and especially Ms. Kippie Tomkin, has helped me.
Helped me physically, mentally and spiritually and with all facets of red tape. This understanding of my situation as a disabled and homeless veteran, to put it bluntly, has allowed me to remain living.
No praise would suffice; no thanks would be enough for the caring and work The Sanctuary Project does for veterans.

D. E. B. - A Vietnam Veteran.

It's so long ago and far away,
There's only pain now.
I have no morals, no scruples, no values, no pride.
No comprehension.
And no one can understand.
D. E. B. - A Vietnam Veteran.
Heartfelt thanks from the Rivera family

Letter of commendation and support form Congressman McIntyre (Click to enlarge)
Support from NCBA who have supplied many volunteers to help

  20 July 2010  To Whom It May Concern

America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. A land where hopes and dreams are just an arm's reach away. Yet we tend to get our priorities mixed up. We love, look up to and adore actors, musicians, and sports celebrities, yet we abhor the ones we owe our very way of life to, the veterans. I am talking about the way our soldiers are treated, and as a veteran of OIF I have seen first hand the way our soldiers are treated after experiencing the ugliness of the world at war.

I was and still am prepared to give my life to uphold and protect my country, people and the rights of the American public and it sickens me to know that we are treated so badly. Please do not misunderstand - I am not looking for personal recognition - I am looking for assistance for all of my brothers in arms. They need to know that someone is out there to help and to care about and understand our situation. I have found that help.

I came home from deployment and had nowhere to rest my head; no car to drive and no money, as what I had made overseas had been squandered and spent by people at home I foolishly trusted. When I realized this, I tried using my chain of command to find a place to stay. I called my NCO, my first sergeant and my commander. I made hundreds of phone calls to every number I had been given by my chain of command and not once did anyone answer. So I called my squad leader and got a number for family readiness.

At last I was referred  to The Sanctuary Project. Within six hours I had a place to stay, food to eat, and most importantly, people who truly cared about my well being.

Am I just a statistic? Does everything I and many others do mean so little? America, I ask you to please, please help save the ones who give everything to protect your rights, beliefs and very freedom. Help The Sanctuary Project with your donation so they can continue to save veterans like myself and their families.

Thank you for hearing the voice of one of the overlooked and forgotten.

Signed - R.L. - A Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Nationwide, the needs of Seniors are huge, and increasing (Click image at left to enlarge table)
Veterans sorely need vocational education and many other basic requirements (Click on table at right to enlarge)

Sept. 2009 To whom it may concern,

I am the wife of a combat veteran. He fought in both Bosnia and Iraq. After being shot while being ejected from his HumVee which was overturned by an I.E.D., he was pulled off the battlefield. He then had a heart attack due to an undiagnosed heart condition triggered by a trauma.  After being in a coma for 3 months and spending a year in rehabilitation he came to NC so he could settle down and raise our family. Due to his disabilities work was no longer possible for him.

After a long struggle with the VA, my husband was finally granted medical retirement, and began collecting his pension. Unfortunately it still was not enough to pay the bills. Just as we were about to lose hope we met Kippie and found out about The Sanctuary Project.

She immediately started providing us with food and contacts who could give us the assistance we needed.  We've been given affordable housing, our girls are happy and there is plenty of food in our refrigerator. I have also gone back to work.

If not for The Sanctuary Project, I don't know what would have happened to my family. Please help this project to continue to help veterans and their families the way they have helped mine.

Thank You from my heart, R. McK, the wife of a veteran

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As if we did not already know war is the most dreadful insanity man can produce, usually instigated by greed and selfishness in one form or another. There is never any rational excuse and the effects are terrible and long lasting.

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